The following is just a short list of people I have photographed:

Al Gore
Amy Tan
Ana Patricia Botin
Angel Corella
Anita Shreve
Antonio Banderas
Arianna Puello
Arthur Sulzberger
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Benjamin Kunkel
Bono, Ali Hewson
Brad Mehldau
Candace Bushnell
Carl Bernstein
Carlos Cordon
Cassandra Wilson
Chick Corea
Christie Hefner
Erica Jong
George Shearing
George Soros
Giovanni Sartori
  Giovanni Sartori
Graciana Del Castillo
Greg Osby
Hillary Clinton
Inocencio Arias
Isabel Allende
Jackie McLean
Jeff Ballard
Jeri Laber
Joan Massague
John Irving
John Pizzarelli
Jose Ramon Andres
Kenny Barron
Mark Haddon
Maureen Dowd
Merce Cunningham
Michael Bloomberg
Michael Korda
  Paul Auster
Paul Gasol
Peter Bergen
Philip Roth
Richard Serra
Rodrigo Rato
Rudy Giuliani
Ruth Kligman
Santi Moix
Sara Baras
Sergio Prego
Siri Husvedt
Trisha Brown
Tom Wolfe
Valentin Fuster
Victor Lavalle
Viggo Mortensen
Wei Hui
Wim Delvoye
Woody Allen

Apart from photographing particular individuals, I have also worked on assignments of various themes such as Sioux Indians reservations, Nashville and in depth collections of jazz musicians, the consequences from September 11, Soho stores, and New York in general.

Please, contact us by email, if you have any questions regarding usage or if you would like to receive updates on other people I am photographing.